Krk is one of the largest islands in Croatia, well-connected to the mainland, offering quality pastime for families with children. You can get here by plane, boat, ferry, bus, car or bike and enjoy the island’s rich history, architecture and famous local cuisine.

How to get to Krk?

Before move on, did you know that bridge which connect island with the mainland features the largest reinforced concrete arch in the world? The local legend say there was a wooden bridge in the Middle Ages that connected the island in times when the famous Frankopan family ruled Krk and nearby settlements, now Novi Vinodolski, Trsat (town of Rijeka) etc. Today, the toll for a family car is 35 kn (cca. 4,76 €) for enter, while the exit is free.

The Airport of Rijeka is located near the bridge, allowing tourists to come here by plane and later to explore the island other ways. Cycling tours are especially popular, given the number of cycling paths across the island. If you plan to in a single place only, then you can rent a car and drive to the booked accommodation.

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Places to visit

Omišalj, the old Roman settlement, is the first place after the bridge. Mirine site is where you can see the annual antique cuisine themed events. If decide to stay there, bear in mind that you will be at least 1 km from the beach. Nevertheless, if you like trekking I think that would be an ideal exercise.

Next, the road goes by Njivice, once a small fishermen village and today one of most popular places for young families to have their summer holidays. The first mention of Njivice was 1474 in the Prince Ivan Frankopan VII’s deed of donation.

Younger people will probably have more fun in Malinska, since it features somewhat richer nightlife than the rest of the island. Still, don’t expect to spend a time of your life in the local night bars. Remember, Krk is mainly focused on the family tourism. For more adventures, you can see the Island of Vis.


Krk is like the “capital” city on the island and here you have a lot to see and do, especially in the old town. Frankopan’s castle with a view, aquarium with Adriatic and tropical fish are just among the few tourist attractions. I can recommend a coffee at the café bar Volsonis, a kind of the museum with the remains of Roman history.


Accommodation in Krk

To find accommodation in Krk, choose among the popular options:


Enjoy the beautiful nature

Cycling fans will surely appreciate paths and roads for their favorite pastime. Note that the east part of the island is a bit less busy than a west side. Make sure when you are choosing accommodation place that you have this tip on your mind.

From Punat you can take a boat trip to the little island of Košljun and visit two museums and monastery. Punat is also famous for the first marina ever built in Croatia.


On the way to the Baška, stop by Jurandvor and see the famous Baška tablet, the first-time written words in Croatian on the Glagolitic script. In case you are into hiking, you can enjoy in really nice panoramic view from this small village.

On the way back, if you love wines and good traditional food, Vrbnik is a right place for you. The other suggestion is to swim or dive on the Saint Marco sandy beach. Even more, the best beach on Krk is Jert in Pinezići. Make sure not to miss it.

Places like Čižići, Klimno and Soline are ideal for relaxing. The beach there with healthy mud is really popular among young families because the low sea level. You can walk 2 km and the water will be maybe until your knees. Finally, a famous cave called Biserujka is in their vicinity – great for nature lovers and amateur photographers too.