My university organized this 8-day long stay on one of the Croatia’s most beautiful islands – Vis. Arriving to the Ferry port of Split and being followed by rain and dark clouds didn’t make me feel… well, enthusiastic about this trip. A 2-hour ferry boat ride was accompanied by wind, raindrops and cold. Anyhow, upon our arrival to the island, we were welcomed by sun and warmth. Soon, we were settled in our apartments and had some time to refresh and relax. 

Military Tour of Vis

Our second day on the island was full of activities grouped into a military tour. After we were seated in military jeeps, we began our almost 4 hour long tour of the island. The ride was very picturesque since we had a gorgeous view of the island the entire time. Our first stop was one of the tunnels used by Yugoslav People’s Army. It’s purpose was to hide army ships and submarines (that actually didn’t fit, so they never got to enter). Today, it is one of the islands biggest and most unique attractions.

Next, we continued our tour to more tunnels. These were much narrower, so we had to wear helmets  with little lamps lit up. We went through some parts of this tunnel complex and visited parts of it used for shelter, but also the ones used to shoot out of cannons. 

After the tunnels, we made our way to one of the historically most important spots of the island, the remains of the airport built by Americans during the WWII. One of the army planes that crashed into the sea is still underwater and able to see while scuba diving. 

Not too far away from there, we visited something very specific and important for this island and its history, Tito’s Cave. To get there, we had to climb many steps between wild bushes. When we got to it, we were able to see where Tito spent some time hiding with his closest associates and soldiers. He lived and worked from here, but also had some meetings. 

Towards the end of our tour, we climbed up to the highest point of the island, Hum. We spent a few minutes admiring the view and even managed to see Croatia’s unique small island of Jabuka (Apple).

This view marked the end of our tour and we came back down to the seaside and enjoyed a drink in a charming town of Komiža.

Visit to Biševo

During our stay on the island, we were a part of another tour. This one included visit to the most beautiful spots of the nearby island of Biševo. 

We took an hour long boat ride to the island and waited our turn to enter the magical Blue Cave. This cave is one of Adriatic’s most beautiful natural attractions due to the fact that at certain times of the day, it creates a glowing blue light. It is accessible by small boats and with tour guides. Water inside is an amazing shade of blue that reflects the sides of the cave as well.

One spot that all of us were interested in seeing was Europe’s most beautiful beach, Stiniva. Therefore, that was our next stop, but not really. We managed to get in front of it and admire the beautiful scenery, but there were too many boats and people there to actually get inside. 

After Stiniva, our boat ride made a stop at a small beautiful beach so we could go for a swim or two. It was very surprising that the water was already warm and it was just May.

Tour of Fort George

Island of Vis is also special because of its mix of British, Roman and Greek remains. At a small distance, you can see a British Fort, Roman Thermae and Greek cemetery. We visited all of these, but our main focus was Fort George. To get there, we took a walk from the city (approx. 30 minutes long) and took many fabulous photos on the way up.

First, we took a tour of the inside of the fort that is made into a sort of museum with 19th century items displayed all the way through. Eventually, we climbed to the roof and enjoyed the amazing view of the sea and surrounding islands. This fort became one of Croatia’s most romantic wedding and celebration venues because of its magical ambience. It also gained popularity due to Ultra Europe music festival’s afterparties that were held here. 

Our last day was reserved for individual activities, so we decided to take a trip back to town of Komiža and have a fancy meal and a glass of good wine. 

Tomorrow already, we said goodbye to the island and went back to Zagreb and our regular schedules, but we brought a lot of good energy back.

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