We’re traveling to Dublin next month for 4 days and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to go on one of the day tours to The Cliffs of Moher? I didn’t realize until recently that it’s a 3 or so hour trip to the other side of the country, plus all the stops in between. I definitely want to see something other than just the city while we’re there though. Ideas?

I really recommend a trip to the Cliffs of Moher if you can spare the time it takes to do it sufficiently properly.

On option may be to get on the 6:30 bus from the central station in Dublin (Busáras). You’ll be at the bus stop outside the hotel in Doolin around 13:30, and on your way you will have had an hour to wander around the streets of Limerick while changing buses. (There’s also an easy quick change of buses you’ll have to do in Ennis, but don’t worry about that.)

As soon as you arrive, just leave your stuff at the hostel and start hiking along the coast west of the village towards the Cliffs of Moher. Of course, you only do this trip at all as long as the weather forecast is good, so you’ll have a glorious hike all the way over to the plateau where all the tourists are.

Now, there’s really no reason to hike as far as to where the visitor centre is. The cliffs and the views are beautiful the entire way. If you feel you have walked far enough, just turn around and return to the hostel. You could probably also arrange with the hostel to come and pick you up at the visitor centre when you’re ready. Or you could take the bus, although there aren’t awfully many of them. Or hitch-hike. It should be easy starting from the parking lot at the visitor centre. A lot of people pop by Doolin after seeing the cliffs.

Spend the night at the hotel and have a great evening at one of the legendary pubs in Doolin. Live music is pretty much guaranteed.


Next morning, you can take the bus back to Dublin. Leave at 10 AM and you’ll be in Dublin at 3PM/15.

Use this site to find your buses. When you first search, you’ll probably be told that there are no direct buses. Only then will you be allowed to choose options, and now you choose “Find all” instead of “Direct only”. A roundtrip ticket should cost you around 42 euros.