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It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the inaugural LunART Festival 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin! Our vision for the festival is to empower women in the arts by fostering originality, honoring diversity, and strengthening equality.

LunART Festival strives to cultivate a vibrant, safe space for women, unveiling our artistic leadership and creating the opportunity to put our hearts and souls into what we believe in.
Throughout history, artists have created and used their works as a powerful way to comment on social issues. They have raised questions, challenged norms, and encouraged peopleto observe controversial subjects through a different lens. Gender issues are currently at the forefront of political and social discussions, and we want to support women across the globe as they navigate the gender imbalance in artistic fields.
This three-day festival features a remarkable range of women, diverse and varied in their artistic vision, but with the shared passion and desire to make their voices heard!
Our 2018 Artist in Residence is award-winning composer Jenni Brandon. She will coach the LunART Festival “From Page to Stage: Emerging Composers Workshop,” offering master classes, lectures, and discussions about collaboration and career tools.
Other Festival highlights include:
Community ties and individual involvement:
Through collaborations and partnership with local Madison-area arts organizations such as Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts (MMoCA), First Unitarian Society and Madison Youth Choirs, we are celebrating women’s originality, individuality, imagination, and strengthening community ties.

Season 2018

From Rap to Rhapsody

Our inaugural season kicks off on June 28th! The three-day festival features many performances in venues throughout Madison, along with a lecture and masterclass with 2018 Composer-in-Residence Jenni Brandon. Keep an eye on this page for updated details on all festival events.


Thursday, June 28th

Jenni Brandon Masterclass with “From page to stage: Emerging composers”

1pm – 3pm @ First United Methodist Church (Open to the public)


5:45pm – 6:30pm

“Moon Dances” Opening Gala Concert

7pm – 8:30pm @ MMoCA Lobby


Friday, June 29th

LunART Festival Artist Workshop with “From page to stage: Emerging composers”

10am – 12:30pm @ First United Methodist Church (Closed session)

“The Woman with the Unfathomable Eyes” Friday Gala Concert

7pm – 8:30pm @ Promenade Hall, Overture Center for the Arts

Starry Night After Hour performance



Saturday, June 30th

Lecture & Open Discussion

10am – 12pm @ location TBA

Jenni Brandon – Collaboration in the Arts

“From page to stage: emerging composers” Concert

2pm – 4pm @ Capitol Lakes Grand Hall

“Women Stories” Closing Gala Concert

7pm – 8:30pm @ First Unitarian Society Auditorium

Starry Night After Hour performance



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