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You wonder if there is and where is the “end of the world”? There is nowhere else in the land of natural contrasts, Gaucos, Maradona, and “sad thoughts that dance”! Argentina is an ideal destination for you if you are an adventurous spirit, and if your life moves you passion towards the moments of total enchantment.

In the north of the country, on the border with Brazil, there are powerful Iguazzu waterfalls, which are among the most spectacular in the world. No less exciting location is located in the very south of Argentina – Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. Although known as the “End of the World”, you can quite easily extend it further, on an exciting cruise to Patagonia or Antarctica.

Wine lovers will especially be interested in the Mendoza area in the west of the country, according to which Argentina is known on the map of world oenology and where the best quality wines from malbec and cabernet sauvignon are produced. The heart of Argentina is Patagonia, a space one and a half times greater than Great Britain that fascinates the landscape as imagination, filled with glaciers, lakes and plains without vegetation.

The central point of travel to Argentina is the most pulsating Buenos Aires. Tango is the first association on it and the greatest passion of the inhabitants of this bohemian city. Tango times are an ideal opportunity to explore with your partner / partner the microcosm of your relationship. An equally strong passion can be experienced by watching the local football club Boca Juniors at the La Bombonera Stadium. The energy you consume is easily recovered with a massive beefsteak, one of the most popular traditional dishes of this South American country.

In search of inspiration, visit the place from where Eva Peron inspired her followers, from the balcony of the famous Casa Rosada – a presidential palace with a striking pink facade. And if you want to stay speechless, you can do it no less than in a bookstore! El Ateneo Grand Splendid is the most glamorous book store in the world, located in the authentic interior of the former theater.

In Buenos Aires and coffee, you can drink in great style at Tortoni cafĂ© dating back to 1858 with the perfect taste of pastries and a view of the beautiful glass ceiling. A tour of the city is necessary to “spice up” by going to La Boca and Caminito, an artistic district known for colorful buildings. The best shopping expects you in the street of Palermo Soho, a part of the city that is a symbol of its creativity and modern spirit.

When planning a trip to Argentina, you can count on the personalized advice of our experts for individual travel to all destinations in the world. One of them will certainly be to leave enough space for the souvenirs that you will want to take with you to pack in order to remind you of this exciting journey forever. Make sure that this is a specific bowl for your mother tea, which you will sip when you collect fantastic impressions.