Project Description

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for many people from around the world who are looking for a better life. Has everything we are looking for like a good climate, an open lifestyle, good food, good health and education standards, many job opportunities, a high standard of living, and this country is also an English speaking area. We give you 10 reasons why this country is good for life:

1. Standard and quality of life

Australia can offer high quality of life and living standards thanks to a combination of its relatively stable economy, climate and lifestyle.

2. Economics

While other countries plunged into a global recession, Australia experienced strong economic growth, low debt and a triple A credit rating.

Unlike most European countries, Australia has so far largely avoided sinking into a deep recession. Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world, has a high per capita GDP, a low poverty rate, a relatively low unemployment rate and is rich in natural resources. This means that there is a greater variety of employment and business opportunities than in many European countries, especially in the service industry, finance and IT.

Authority seeks to draw the attention of skilled professionals and workers from around the world, and this has led to a dramatic increase in the quality of services and products coming from Australia.

3. Health system

Australians enjoy the third highest lifespan in the world. The Australian healthcare system is world-renown for its effectiveness and efficiency.

In an international comparative study of health systems in six countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States), Australia has been ranked at the highest level.

4. Climate

The climate of Australia varies due to its large geographical size, but generally moderate and warm climate throughout the year, especially in coastal cities.

This relatively benign climate has contributed to people in this country spending plenty of time outside.

5. Multiculturalism

Australia has an extremely multicultural population. Australia’s recent history is a history of mass emigration from all over the world. Today 1 out of 4 Australians were born overseas and this relationship is still growing.

This means that you will never stand as an alien in Australia. If you are smart, positive, you have a good level of knowledge of English and a real attitude, you will find many job opportunities, probably more than in your own country. No wonder Australia is often called the “promised land”.

Australians are hospitable and open to foreigners who settle in the country. In Australia you will find tolerance, cosmopolitan atmosphere of major cities and cultural influences from around the world.

6. The happiest nation in the world

For three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013), Australia has been selected as the happiest nation in the developed world by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), based in Paris .

The OECD survey ranked more than 30 countries, with criteria such as the level of income of citizens, health, safety and living standards.

7. English speaking area

We can not dispute the fact that many people and immigrants from all over the world choose Australia as a country for life precisely because it is an English-speaking area. Since English is the most widely used language in the whole world, it is easier for people to integrate into a country where this language is officially spoken.

8. Friendly country

Anholt Brand Index, ranked by countries based on culture, tourism and people, ranks Australia regularly at the top of the list of the world’s top countries.

A figure of nearly 6 million tourists annually shows us that Australians are doing the right thing to pull people back to this country in as many numbers as possible.

9. Low crime rate

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates in the developed world.

10. Lifestyle

Many foreigners view lifestyles as the main reason for going to Australia. Due to the sunny and warm climate, as well as the many beautiful beaches and other green areas, Australia offers a relaxed lifestyle. There are seemingly endless ways to spend your time in Australia, including swimming, barbecue or beach picnic, hiking, diving, fishing or simply enjoying the sun. With its long, sandy and clean beaches that are among the best in the world, Australia is also a paradise for surfers.