Project Description

It is known that the south of Italy is poorer than the north, so in some parts you will encounter roads with two ways instead of three lanes, little lower prices and more modest houses, but that does not mean that it is less beautiful. On the contrary, Southern Italy will make you in a different way, perhaps even more than the north.

We suggest you to start the journey through the south of Italy from Naples, the capital of the region of Campania. Although there is not a very good image due to frequent thefts, as well as chaotic and nervous driving of local people, it is very interesting and has some specific Mediterranean charm. It does not meet the very aesthetic criteria we are accustomed to in most of the Italian cities, but walks along the narrow picturesque streets of the historic city core included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, as well as visits to castles or museums will make Naples a few days quite interesting. And be sure to try the pizza, because Naples is considered the homeland of the famous dish.

The incredible Naples, for which the ancient Romans spoke “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” (“See Naples and die”). We will not die, of course, but we will understand very quickly from this saying … A city of contrast, misery and luxury, the royal capital with splendid architecture and the scent of the sea and gastronomic specialties … A City of Endless Tales … It’s Naples !

From Naples we will excurs to the coast of lemon and the famous resort of Sorrento, as well as to the incredible archaeological site at the foot of the volcano of Vezuv, Pompeii … From Naples, our way further leads to the Basilicata region and the wonderful town of Matera, Called “the City of Spirits” …

Unbelievable landscapes and the ambience of the mothers have just set up this city as the scene of the film “The Stalking of Jesus”. From the Mother next to the Taranto Bay, we will head towards the Apulia region and the beautiful medieval town of Lecce, where we will spend the next two days.

The beauty of this city will leave no one indifferent! From Lecce, we will go on a half-day trip to the splendid Ostuni, the “white city” that will enchant you with its ambient …

At the end of the trip we will visit the largest tourist attraction of the province of Apulia, the town of Alberobello with authentic bathhouses called “rot.” Also, we will visit one of the most beautiful resorts of Apulia, beautiful Polignano al Mare.