The Gyula Castle Spa is located in a beautiful environment of the castle park Almasi on 8.5 acres. During the construction of facilities and pools, protection of trees was one of the most important aspects, so guests can enjoy the green surroundings in the complex that can accommodate up to 10,000 people a day.

Healing waters are rich in alkaline hydrogen carbonate helping the treatment of locomotor disorders, nerve damage, rehabilitation after trauma, the problem of acid in the stomach and gynecological problems. The Gyula Castle Spa’s complex guests can use the outdoor swimming pools, Castello Wellness and sauna park, indoor and outdoor thermal pools. The newest attraction is the water park AquaPalota built in 2013.

Gyula Castle Spa indoor pool

The indoor spa complex offers a sauna park, twister, waterspout, a diving pool, a Jacuzzi, a bar in the water and relaxing massages, slides…

A perfect weekend in the Gyula Castle Spa

On Friday, login from 2 in the afternoon, enter the room, dress-up and get your Spa tickets.

Afterwards, guests can enjoy swimming in the Castle complex and water park AquaPalota. In the evening, enjoy a buffet dinner with a great atmosphere and live music in the Orchid restaurant.

On Saturday, after a rich buffet breakfast, get a cup of delicious coffee in a bar “Violin Drinkbar”. This is the ideal time for long walks through the city. Visit the famous pastry shop, a clock that shows the time in the world and the only lowland fortress built of bricks. After that – a light lunch, followed by swimming and relaxing in the spa fortress. Finally, in the evening a delicious dinner – Swedish table in the hotel. You can also walk to the city center to admire the beautiful, illuminated fountains and bars.

On Sunday, another buffet breakfast, but you don’t have to leave the hotel too early. Rooms are available for up to 10 AM, and after that you can get a placeholder for your baggage – free of charge. Sunday is the perfect day to visit the castle museum Almasi as a 2-hour interactive program.

Following the best adventure travel spots, I think I could really relax during such weekend in the Gyula Castle Spa…